Kids love traditions and family rituals, and sometimes the parents might just love it a little more.  These traditions foster a sense of belonging, security, comfort, and just something to hold on to.

Traditions do not always have to evolve around holidays, birthdays, or vacations.  You are missing out on a whole lot of memories if you are just waiting for the next holiday.  You can create small everyday traditions to incorporate with your family that you implement daily or weekly.

Life is busy, life is messy and thus we don’t take the time to do the rituals that we have always done.  Over time those traditions can fade away.  How do you avoid that from happening?  How do you keep your family closely bonded?  By being intentional!

Here are a few ways to create everyday traditions in your home:

Baking on Sundays

Saturday morning pancakes

Make your own pizza Friday

Taco Tuesday

Breakfast for dinner

Church on Sunday

Daily question and answer

Weekly family meeting

Family secret handshake

(dinner convo)

Dinner as a family at minimum once a week

Family cleaning day

Happiness jar

Family game night

Bedtime stories

Prayer time at the table and or at bedtime

Home movie night

Family TV show

Weekend morning snuggles

Dance parties

Breakfast for supper

Word of the week (describing the week ahead)

Did you see a theme in all of these ideas?  Quality family time is in every one of these ideas.  Your kids will crave these traditions and they can build a stronger family bond.  Some of the most memorable moments happen in the day to day mundane events.  So give it a try and pick one or two new traditions to start with your family this week.  If you do weekly traditions already, let me know what your favorite family traditions are.  I am always looking for great ideas!bedtime stories



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