DIY Fairy Door: If You Build It, They Will Come

Bring the magic into your home with your very own fairy door.  Fairy doors are for everyone, even this adult enjoyed setting it up and creating it.  Who doesn’t like tiny adorable replicas of everyday life?  Fairy doors create tiny portals to a magic realm which only fairies may cross.  This magic will ignite wonder and imagination in your child.  But where do you begin?  You can simply buy one or you can make one like I did.  Below is the complete list of all the items that you will need plus you can choose to add your own flair.  Have fun with it!

fairy door final.jpg

So here is what you will need (pick some or all):

Once you got all the supplies, it is time to get to work.  First, you will need to determine the placement of your door.  Will it be in the living room, hallway, or child’s bedroom?  Or will you make a fairy garden outside? We opted for ours indoors so we could use it all year round.  Begin decorating by painting the door and fence in your favorite acrylic paint color.  Once it dries then you are ready to rock and roll my friend.  You can invite your kids to add their personal touches if you want.  I decided that ours would magically appear.  With three boys, that was easier for all involved.  Finally, I would adhere it to the wall with command strips.  I did E6000 glue and I am totally going to regret it later.

fairy door close up

When the door is installed, it’s time to invite your fairy to move into your home.  Welcome your new fairy with a key and a package containing a picture or note from your kids left at the threshold.  Signal the fairy to come visit by turning on the light before the kids go to bed.  When the kids wake up in the morning and find it gone with a tiny note left behind, then let the excitement begin.

Want even more fun?  Why not change the decorations outside the door for the changing seasons?  I know, I know…now everyone will surely think you lost your mind.  There are tiny Halloween decorations at Micheals for the miniature villages.  Don’t ask me how I know that.  Also for Christmas, you could add a tiny Christmas tree, battery powered lights, and a wreath for the door.  Snowball, our Christmas Elf will even use the same door from the North Pole every night.  Yet, another tradition that we love.  However, I can never remember to move the darn thing at night.  I am sure you can come up with a few creative ideas for this setup and your Elf too.

Need more ideas for the tooth fairy?  Follow this link to my other page with 14 ways to create tooth fairy magic.

I would love to hear about your new or existing fairy door.  Share your fairy door in the comments.


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