A North Pole Breakfast to Welcome Back the Elf on The Shelf

It is almost time for his big arrival from the North Pole.  No I am not talking about Santa, but actually our Elf on The Shelf, Snowball.  Our boys have totally embraced this tradition.  So much so that it is a good way to keep these boys in line by telling them that Snowball is watching.  Anything to help my boys is perfectly OK in my book.
Each year he comes back with a big North Pole Breakfast.  Usually this occurs on December 1st but I will be honest here.  If December 1st doesn’t fall on a weekend then his return is delayed.  After breakfast, we snuggle in and watch the movie, An Elf’s Story.  This movie really makes the whole concept of the Elf on The Shelf come together for them.
So this year start the tradition of bringing back your Elf on The Shelf with a North Pole Breakfast too.

Last year we decided to announce to the boys were going to Disney World and on a Disney cruise with the breakfast.  We love Disney and the boys were so excited! The whole breakfast as a result had a Mickey theme.  I mean what else could it be, right?
Our breakfast table was decked out with all the decorations to set the mood.  Complete with matching plates, napkins, cups, mugs, and serving dishes.  The Disney Store had a great selection of tableware last year.  I really couldn’t help myself.  All the string lights and Mickey shaped tree came from Lowes.
This all the rage rustic tiered tray made the perfect spot to display all the hot cocoa toppings.  Some of my favorite toppings include sprinkles, whip cream, candy canes, marshmallows, chocolate shavings, and chocolate chips.  I think they enjoyed eating the marshmallows more than drinking the hot cocoa but whatever makes them happy.
Aren’t these so cute with the mickey ears?  I did paint the lids and bottoms first in red, green, and silver.  The ears are cut out of ‘stiff’ felt and hot glued to the top of the candy dishes.  Finally, I filled them with all their favorite things.  We ate the candy and displayed them for the entire season.
It is only natural that all the food had to be Mickey themed.  Of course!  So I did manage to find a Mickey waffle maker.  Then we added Mickey-shaped sausages.  The yogurt was colored red with Mickey sprinkles and chocolate mini donuts for ears.  For dessert, I made Mickey Rice Krispie Treats, Mickey Santa Ear Cupcakes, Santa Mickey Hat Strawberries, Powdered Donuts covered in Mickey Sprinkles, and Mickey Oreo Cookies.  Well I think that about covered the whole Mickey theme don’t you.  I tend to go over board just a little.
Snowball likes to bring them a little something along with their new pajamas to celebrate.  This year they got these super cute Disney Cruise pajamas.  I just loved how they turned out.  They also received their monogrammed pillowcases for the characters to sign on the cruise.  In the bag was a Disney throw blanket, Dollar Tree Disney items, Disney Ornament, and some Disney themed candy.  Trust me, it is not hard to find anything Disney in stores.
We have done other themes like Polar Express and Snowman that I will post about them later.  So do you have a North Pole Breakfast too?  Tell me all about yours in the comments below.

I can’t wait for you to see this year’s theme! Hint in the color.


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