Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendars: Plus Over 60 Advent Activities

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The Christmas season is upon us and it is time to start thinking about the plans with your family.  One of my all time favorite traditions is the Advent calendar.  We started this when my older boys were 1 and 2 years old.  Every morning they would run down the stairs straight for the Advent to see what treasure and fun activity was in store for them that day.  You can just see the magic of the season come to life in their eyes.

Are you sold on the idea, yet?  Whether you are new to this whole idea or you just want to jazz up your current Advent calendar then you are in the right spot.  Listed below are several options for you to choose from.  It can be simple or elaborate.  You get to decide what works with your family.  Also included are over 60 daily Advent activities.


The first year we implemented this, I couldn’t find just the right Advent calendar that I wanted.  Most of the boxes were so small and didn’t hardly fit anything in them.  I resorted to making my own with the help of an Etsy seller.  I purchased a blank set of boxes and covered it in a lot of Mod Podge.  My fingers were stuck together for days but I loved the way it turned out.

This year I decided to upgrade our calendar with a larger option. I have found it hard to shove 3 of anything in those boxes.  Here is the option that I choose from Micheals as well as other favorites that I came across in local stores this year.

Also at Micheals Craft Stores:






So you have a calendar, but what do you put in it?  You could add candy, small trinkets, Bible verse, daily activity, random act of kindness, home made vouchers, or a combination of any of that.  Giving my boys candy every day was not an option.  It is like giving a revved up Ferrari engine more gasoline.  So, I mix it up with small trinkets that I get from dollar bins.  Things such as Christmas socks, light up toys, small containers of slime, bouncy balls, stickers, lip balm, hot wheels car, or craft supplies.  Here is a picture of the start of my stash for the boxes.  I will update it later when I have everything.




Along with the fun treat, I include a piece of paper with an activity for the day printed on it.  I will spend some time in the last few weeks of November laying out my calendar and comparing events that we already have scheduled.  Then I add in activities that I find feasible to complete each day.  Don’t stress yourself out here.  If you watch 2 or 5 Christmas movies then who cares.  The point is that you are doing it together.  Take the time away from the house work and spend quality time with your family.  All that laundry and dishes will be there later.

Advent Activities:

  1. Red and Green Dinner
  2. Make a Gingerbread House
  3. Take a Carriage Ride
  4. Family Service Project
  5. Make Peppermint And Gingerbread Play doh
  6. North Pole Elf Breakfast
  7. Drive Around to View Christmas Lights
  8. Sleep Under the Christmas Tree
  9. Watch a Christmas Movie
  10. Picnic By the Tree
  11. Santa Breakfast
  12. Polar Express Ride
  13. See New Grinch Movie
  14. Pick Out Sibling Gifts
  15. Candlelit Family Dinner
  16. Birthday Party for Jesus
  17. Santa Train Ride
  18. Pick Out a New Ornament
  19. Santa Dinner Theater
  20. Write a Letter to Santa
  21. Make Christmas Cards for Loved Ones
  22. Go Out for Hot Cocoa
  23. Attend a Christmas Musical
  24. Make a New Ornament
  25. Visit Local Conservatory
  26. True Meaning of Christmas
  27. Family Game Night
  28. Go Ice skating
  29. Bake Sugar Cookies and Decorate Them
  30. Go Sledding
  31. Deliver Homemade Gifts to Neighbors.
  32. Make a Snowman or Snow Angels
  33. Make Reindeer food
  34. Read the Christmas story
  35. Make Salt Sough Ornaments
  36. Take Photos in the Snow
  37. See a Local Christmas Show or Play
  38. Have a Marshmallow Fight
  39. Make a Pine-cone Bird Feeder or Birdseed Ornament
  40. Christmas Music Dance Party
  41. Donate Old Toys
  42. Make a Popcorn Garland
  43. Take a Special Treat to a Local Fire Department
  44. Read your Favorite Christmas Book
  45. Hand print or Foot print Christmas Craft
  46. Send a Christmas Card or Care Package to Someone in the Military
  47. Choose and/or Cut Down Your Christmas Tree
  48. Go Caroling
  49. Visit a Live Nativity
  50. Visit Santa
  51. Free Choice Day
  52. Christmas Bubble Bath
  53. Put Together a Christmas Puzzle
  54. Festive Scavenger Hunt
  55. Donate to a Local Food Bank
  56. Make Paper Snowflakes
  57. Attend a Holiday Themed Story Time at Bookstore or Library
  58. Attend a Special Church Service
  59. Learn About Christmas Around the World
  60. Decorate Kid’s Rooms
  61. Hide and Seek a Small Present

I print each selected activity out on labels and adhere them to a piece of scrapbook paper.  You can simply write them out on a piece of paper too.




Finally as if one Advent calendar wasn’t enough.  I started adding in these ‘toy’ Advent countdowns.  At first I did just one, but let me tell you that your life will be so much easier with one for each kid.  Trust me on this.  So this year we did just that.  My oldest enjoyed the Lego ones so he got that one.  My middle son loves Hot Wheels so we got the cars one.  And my baby boy is a big fan of Paw Patrol so naturally I felt that that one was the best choice.  You can pretty much find them anywhere now from Target, Micheals, Walmart, and Amazon.



Don’t forget about a little Advent calendar fun for you too.  Aldi’s had a wine Advent calendar that I am kicking myself for not going out to get it this year.  Also consider a cheese, tea, coffee, beauty or chocolate Advent too.  Why do the kids get to have all the fun?!

We change out some of our Advent activities each year to try new things.  What activities do you do with your family?  Comment below with your favorites too.  I am always looking for new ideas.


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