Elf On The Shelf Door Tradition

You bought into the whole Elf on the Shelf idea and now what?  You will inevitably get the question from one of your kids that will leave you stumped and looking like a deer in headlights while racking your brain for an answer.  All the while trying not to look like you just made it all up.  The question of how does the Elf leave and get back into the house everyday.  Kids say the darnedest things don’t they?  Be prepared with your own Elf door.
Not sure where to start?  Find out all about how to make your own Elf (fairy) door and add in some adorable finishing touches that will surely create magic in your home, right here.

In our house, the fairy door becomes the Elf door during the Christmas season.  If you are unfamiliar with the whole concept of a fairy door and need to start from scratch then check out my recent blog post at DIY Fairy Door:  If You Build It They Will Come.  This will tell you where I got all my supplies so you too can create your very own door.
fairy door final
Now, back to the Elf.  The tradition is that he/she will travel to and from the North Pole through an Elf door every night.  While away the Elf reports back to the big man in red on each child’s behavior for the day.  Then shows up in a new position or pulling a practical joke on his return the next day.
So naturally, we have to decorate our fairy door for Christmas and our Elf, right?  Pictured below is our door.  Also listed below are the links to all the places I found the tiniest adorable decorations.  Be sure to check out the Etsy shop for Tiny Treasures Fla because she makes the most detailed and quality items that I have ever seen.  Opening the mail that day felt like Christmas to me.
Christmas tree – Michaels
Tree skirt –Miniatures.com
Fireplace – Miniatures.com
Elves Welcome Doormat – Miniatures.com
Stockings – Hill Country Minis
Wreaths – Tiny Treasures Fla
Garlands – Tiny Treasures Fla
Candles – Tiny Treasures Fla
Presents – Tiny Treasures Fla
Sled – Michaels
Santa workshop sign – Green Gypsies
Books – Green Gypsies
Lighted Garland – Michaels
Nutcracker – Hobby Lobby
Snowflakes and Snowflakes Garland – Michaels
Elf directional sign – Hobby lobby (painted and added vinyl)
We plan to change the door seasonally with the holidays.  Here was our Fall decorations.
Traditions are so much fun and all the magic about Santa and the Elf can make lasting memories.  However, don’t loose site of the real reason for the season.  I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!
Share your favorite Elf on the Shelf antics in the comments.

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