New Year’s Eve Countdown Bags With Kids


Ring in the new year with a bang.  Celebrate the ending of one year and the fresh start of a new year with your family.  Our New Year’s Eve celebrations may look way different now than they did before kids.  But not in a bad way.  We are in a season of young children and you can still have a fun and festive celebration with your family.  Last year we started a fun tradition of hourly countdown bags.

So how does it all work?  Each hour, leading up to midnight, the kids open up the corresponding countdown bag.  Inside each bag will be all the details on that hour’s fun activity.  The kids will be excited and sure to love it.

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Christmas Eve Box Tradition

Christmas Eve is right around the corner.  All the activities, between the Advent calendar and the Santa visits, have the level of anticipation for the big day running high.  Getting the kids to sleep Christmas Eve night just might take a small miracle.  One way to help calm the excitement is with a Christmas Eve box.  This is an up and coming new tradition that seems to have made serious headway in the last few years.
There is still time to get on board with this.  Do you need help on where to start or simply need ideas on what to put in the box.  I will share some Christmas Eve box ideas with you all.

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Christmas Book Countdown Tradition – 50 Favorite Christmas Books

There is just something about the anticipation behind unwrapping a present to reveal the surprise that just can’t be put into words.  Seriously, what kid doesn’t like to unwrap gifts?  Years ago, I started this tradition where the boys took turns unwrapping a Christmas book every night to read.  This tradition gives back in many  more ways than just simply reading a good story.
You are probably asking yourself, how do I start and what Christmas books do I include?  Detailed below is a list of our favorite books and ideas on how to begin this tradition in your home.

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Start a Santa Sack Tradition


Does the thought of your kids accumulating more toys at Christmas send you into a slight panic?  You love your kids but if they get one more toy then your house will likely bust at the seams.  So I have a fun new tradition to try this year and to share with you.  It’s called Santa Sacks.  You may have heard of them before but let me share with you how it all works.

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