Start a Santa Sack Tradition


Does the thought of your kids accumulating more toys at Christmas send you into a slight panic?  You love your kids but if they get one more toy then your house will likely bust at the seams.  So I have a fun new tradition to try this year and to share with you.  It’s called Santa Sacks.  You may have heard of them before but let me share with you how it all works.

To start, decide how you want your Santa sacks to arrive.  You can have your Elf on The Shelf deliver them, which is what we did, or simply place them at your front door.  We wrapped ours up in individual presents for each kid with a tag that said special delivery from the North Pole.  There was also a note directly from Santa himself stating the purpose of the sacks.  I found both the tag printable and Santa stationary at Etsy.

The boys enjoyed opening a gift before Christmas Day and learning about the new tradition.  Christmas Eve night, they are to place old unwanted, broken toys in the bag and leave it by the tree for Santa.  Honestly, it was easier to say broken because what kid wants to get rid of their toys.  Santa will take the old toys back to his shop and fixed them up good as new for other boys and girls who are less fortunate.  In return, he will place new toys in the bag.  You can decide if you want to wrap these or not.  I say save yourself some time and put the large oddly shaped ones in there.  If you are like me, you wait to wrap presents until the final hour and the thought of wrapping something non-square seems insurmountable.

There are different ways that you can use the sack which include:

  1. Leave the empty sack at the end of the bed on Christmas Eve and Santa will fill it with wrapped or unwrapped gifts.
  2. Leave filled or empty by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve for Santa to fill with wrapped or unwrapped gifts. (My kids are super light sleepers so this will be what we do)
  3. Keep them out of sight and then on Christmas Eve fill them with gifts and place by the tree.
  4. Place large unwrapped gifts inside
  5. Bring family gifts to Christmas gatherings

So where do you get a Santa sack?  We got ours from Simply Name It.  We found them on Etsy but they also have a website here.  I love how they turned out and very well made with each boys’ name embroidered on them.  The boys were so excited for the sacks that they jumped right in, literally.  We had a potato sack race by the tree.  I will be honest here, I bought fabric last year with the intention to make my own like from this site but it never happened.  I am so glad I waited now.


Some other ones that I found and also liked are:

Potterybarn Kids

Personalization Mall


Mud Pie


I will update this post with photos from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning so stayed tuned.

How do you use the Santa sack tradition in your home?


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