9 Creative School Valentine Ideas For Boys and Girls

Remember the days when you were young and looked forward to the class valentine exchange.  You carefully crafted a mailbox or a pocket out of construction paper decorated with tons of glitter and doilies.  Then waited with anticipation as each Valentine was delivered to your desk.  I would be so giddy as I read each one and of course ate the candy.  My heart would even skip a beat when my childhood crush would give me a valentine.  Oh to be young again.  Since this tradition holds a place near and dear to my heart, I have made it a mission to spread more love through my boys’ Valentines.
Before you make your mind up and pick out the next store bought Valentines of L.O.L. Dolls or Avengers, check out these creative ideas sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Hot wheels

My two year old loved going to the store with me to pick out all the cars for his friends.  We made sure to include a few purple and pink cars for his girl friends.  I found these cute free printables form Little Bit Funky.

Star Wars

Last year, our theme around Valentine’s Day was all about Star Wars.  These cute light sabers were super easy to make.  The Paper Kingdom makes these super cute printable tags to tie onto your light sabers.  For the sword, I purchased tubes from Amazon and added just the handle of this printable from Extra Money for Mommy around the bottom of the tubes before adding the m&m’s.


These free printable Minecraft boxes from Darling Darleen were thinking outside the box.  We included some gummi hearts from Albanese Candy Store and Minecraft bracelets.  I have learned more about video games in the last three years than I have in my entire lifetime.


These were o’fish’ally the cutest ones I have ever seen.  I knew when I saw them that we just had to make them.  I found the printable from Kudzu Monster on Etsy and the bags at Michaels.


The year of the Dinosaurs.  My oldest loved Dinosaurs like nothing else existed.  Naturally we had to make Raptor Valentines for all his friends.  You can find these printables from Kudzu Monster, too.


As a little girl, I made friendship bracelets for all my friends.  Who remembers spending countless hours braiding those?  The loom bracelets brought back so many memories of making them.  I purchased the loom kit, which was all the rage a couple years ago, in hopes one of my boys would take joy in making them too.  No such luck and hours later, I made plenty bracelets for all their friends.  Lesson learned!

Scratch Offs

This super creative idea by Inklings will be one of the boys’ valentines this year.  The scratch off heart will reveal a special message for each of their Valentines.  We tried these out ahead of time and they were a big hit.  Head on over to the Inklings website to view their entire selection of Valentine cards, you seriously won’t be disappointed.


I mustache you a question, who doesn’t love a good movie and popcorn?  Word pun, isn’t it grand!  About 3 years ago, I went all out decorating with mustache hearts from Valentines and handmade shirts to a festive dinner.  If you know me by know, I take a theme and run with it.  I mean really run with it!  Each of these cute Valentines included a Redbox code for a free movie rental and a bag of microwave popcorn.  Here is an option for a printable Redbox Valentine from Sweet Party Wishes.

I dig you

This was probably my first Valentines idea that I did with the boys.  Yes, Pinterest was my inspiration but what kid doesn’t like digging in sand or could use another shovel.  Find printable tags from Candice Cards on Etsy and plastic shovels at Amazon.

I will be in need of some new ideas for next year so comment below with your favorite valentine.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


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