Valentine’s Day Dinner With Family – Star Wars Theme

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Are you ready?  My husband and I typically go out the week before the big day because the restaurants are so crowded around that day.  Several years ago, we started a tradition of having a Valentine themed dinner for the kids.  The boys absolutely love it and look forward to it every year.
Planning to start a fun festive Valentine’s dinner with your kids.  Keep scrolling for some good ideas including food and decorations.

Creating the mood for the table is half the fun.  Start with fun plates and add in some additional table decorations or fresh flowers.  Target always has a great selection of plates and napkins plus cute decorations to match.  You can even find little mailboxes and other heart themed decor in the dollar spot too. Who hasn’t been sucked into that vortex?  Here is our set up from a couple years ago and 95% of it was purchased at Target.  Party supply stores like Party City would also have some cute options.
Now if that wasn’t enough.  I noticed that they had Valentine candy in Star Wars, Superhero, L.O.L. dolls and other characters.  This prompted my idea for a Star Wars Valentine Dinner.  Did I mention that we loved Disney?  The table was set with plates and cups from Zak Designs.  I found this Valentine Star War themed fabric from Joann Fabric and quickly went to work sewing napkins and a matching table runner.  Some of the extra details were the glowing Death Star on the table and light up Lightsaber chopsticks, which were my personal favorite.  I also used some decorations left over from our last Disney Cruise and made a quick banner that read, ‘Love you to the Death Star and back.’
This is where Pinterest and a little extra flare meet.  Of course, we love pizza so heart shaped pizzas with heart shaped pepperoni are a must.  Yes if you are doing this than you might as well go all in.  Believe it or not, you can cut carrots into a heart shapes.  You’re welcome.  Chocolate covered strawberries are always a favorite too.  Last year we bought, a chocolate fondue set from Cuisinart and added all kinds of dipping options including strawberries and heart shaped marshmallows.  Oh if only you could of seen all the chocolate mustaches on the boys.  Finish off the meal with some cute cupcakes or cake.
Whether it is simply wearing red or going all out in formal attire, dressing up for the meal can definitely add to the whole experience.  The past few years they have worn their Valentine shirts to dinner.  This year I have them wear some themed pajamas since it will be for breakfast.
It is at this Valentine’s Day dinner that we bring out the love buckets for each boy.  If you missed my recent post on Love Buckets and the tradition behind them then head on over to ‘Love Buckets For Valentine’s Day’.
This year we plan to have a Valentine Superhero breakfast.  So keep watching for more fun.  Share your favorite Valentine themed food in the comments.

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