PAW Patrol Adventure Play Exhibit


Raise your paw if your family loves PAW Patrol.  PAW Patrol plays on a continuous loop on our TV most of the time.  It has been a staple TV show throughout the toddler years in our house and they still watch it to this date.  So when we heard that the PAW Patrol exhibit was opening at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, we knew we had to go and check it out.
All our pups were ready for action in their best PAW Patrol gear.  The boys’ adorable vest were made by Lois Singer from Made By Ya shop on Etsy.  My husband and I had to get in on the fun as Skye and Zuma.  I know what your are thinking, but my hubby actually asked for his own vest and character and I happily obliged.  Isn’t he the best?!

Upon entering the exhibit, the first thing that caught my eye was Paw Patrol Lookout Tower.  Along with the lights and the music, the tower probably stood 15 feet tall.  I am not super good with visual measurements so I could be exaggerating a bit.  The tower screamed photo op, so naturally we took a group photo in front of it.  Paw Patrol, to the lookout!
The Paw Patroller was another awesome piece in the exhibit.  One side displayed the exact model of the Paw Patroller and the other side was the command center with tons of lights and levers to mimic driving.  Every kid will enjoy taking turns driving the Patroller.  Paw Patrol on a roll!  There is also a section to help the pups pack for a rescue mission.
What kid doesn’t love a cool themed slide?!  Climb up the snow mountain and look out for friends that might be in need of a rescue then slide down the other side.  My boys were born to slide and must of slid down it over 50 times.
This adorable little cafe has all the extras.  Your kids can play pretend by cooking up all kinds of donuts, treats, cake, and cookies.  Then display them for all to see.  My boys favorite part was stacking the cake pieces as high as they could before knocking them down.
This table was a huge hit with my 2 year old.  He spent almost the whole night playing with the Paw Patrol vehicles on the table.  My boys have always gravitated to activity and train tables by some unexplained force of nature.  The table is shaped like a dog bone with a road and bridge to drive the cars on.
It’s all paws on deck over at the Sea Patroller.  From the sounds of the ocean to the water projecting on the walls, it really makes you feel like you are out to sea.  This definitely was another favorite for my pups.  It was massive with the details of the ship on one side and control center to steer the ship on the other .  Plus a cute puzzle to help Syke and Zuma pack for adventure.
This area right here will be any parent’s dream.  Complete with a cozy couch and fireplace plus PAW Patrol reading materials.  I can see lots of parents camping out here.
There were a few other smaller but still ultimate parts of the exhibit.  One place where you would find my big boys was helping Jake the snowboarder uncover from mounds of snow.  The snow balls will keep your kids entertained for a long time.  Another spot was to help Rocky recycle the trash and learn about shapes and colors.  Don’t lose it, reuse it!  Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.  My oldest had a blast saving the baby seagulls and guiding the lost baby dolphin to his mama in the Adventure Bay Area.  Check out his demo videos below.


Grab a pup pack and get your photo taken with your favorite PAW patrol character.  There are kid-size replicas of all your favorite characters displayed around the exhibit.  Your kids will have an excellent time searching for their favorite pup to take a photo with.  We all got a picture with our twining pup. Other photo opportunities include flying the Air Patroller and of course as captain of the previously mentioned Sea Patroller or PAW Patroller too.  There is also a computer station to generate a PAW patrol team photo with each of your kiddos.  Then you can send it right to your email.  What a great souvenir to take with you and remember your special day at the exhibit.
Just yelp for help over at the Ruff-Ruff Rescue Center.  Join a class every hour to make fun inspired PAW patrol crafts.  If your kiddos have ever done another class around the museum then you know you won’t be disappointed.  The current class selections are My Personal Pup Pack, Adventure Bay Art Fair Cat-astrophe, and Rescue Mission: Find Chickaletta.
This exhibit is included in the price of admission and starts Feb 23 through July 28.  Ticket prices range from $15 – $28.  A money saving tip:  Admission is just $5 from 4-8pm on the first Thursday of the month.  Normal hours are 10am- 5pm (Closed Monday).
Overall, we had a Pup-tastic time and you will too.  Which pup is your favorite and who do your kids want their photo taken with?

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